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8 Vastu Tips for Small Living Room: Transform Your Space with These Powerful Tips


Vastu Tips for a Small Living Room

Every social activity in the house takes place in the living room. As a result, it should be cozy as well as warm and welcoming for visitors so that the family can spend quality time together. Therefore, it is important in order to create a cozy space to follow these vastu tips for small living room. 

Why is it Important to Consider Vastu for Home?

importance of vastu tips for small living room

Over 5000 years ago, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design known as Vastu Shastra was developed. It is predicated on the idea that people who live in homes that adhere to vastu principles can generate positive energy and experience success and pleasure by using the laws of nature and the universe. Vastu Shastra for a new home can assist you in designing a space that is balanced, harmonic, and supportive of general well-being.

Vastu Shastra enhances your spiritual curiosity. Vastu is an art and science that promotes inner quiet and peace. In addition, it can promote harmonious interactions among all occupants of the house.

Vastu for Homes emphasizes building shapes and orientations. The room's shapes include square, rectangular, wheeled, and bar shapes. The routes are North East - Eesanya, North West - Vayavya, South East - Agneya, and South West - Nyruthi. 

When planning the design of a structure, 12 principles are included, aside from directions and shapes. These include furniture necessity, circulation, aspect, seclusion, roominess, flexibility, economy, elegance, prospect, grouping, and sanitation.

Here are some Vastu Tips for Small Living Room

enhance your living room vastu

With these vastu tips for a small living room, make your space vastu compliant.

1. Choose a Suitable Layout

Given that this is the zone of wealth and prosperity, the living room should be facing northwest. In Vastu homes, make sure that you and your visitors are sitting with your backs to the north or the east. 

Imagine your home as a canvas, where placement dictates the flow of well-being. The main entrance, ideally facing east or north, welcomes auspicious energy.  Kitchens in the southeast manage fire energy, and living rooms in the north encourage social harmony. Balance is key: heavy elements like stairs go in the southwest, while lighter ones like balconies reside in the east.

2. How to Place Your Furniture

One of the best furniture placements for a small living room vastu is to give it a cozy feel. You can add as many décor pieces as you like, but if you follow Vastu, you must know which way to arrange them.

Experts advise arranging large pieces of furniture, such as your sofa set, in the living room's west or south-west directions. She suggests placing any television or other electronic gadgets in the southeast section of the living room, as these are found in most living areas. If your dining area and living room are combined, make sure it is toward the east or southeast of the space.

3. Right Colour for the Right Mood

right color for living room

A well-chosen color scheme is one of the best vastu tips for a small living room. It can greatly enhance your initial impression, as your living room provides guests with a glimpse into your style. Every room in the house has a certain color that helps attract positive energy, according to Vastu. Ashna advises painting the walls in the living room a lighter tone of pink, white, cream, beige, or flowery white. These are all connected to many good energy fields, including perfection, warmth, calmness, purity, and beauty. Colors like peach, saffron, yellow, and light orange might be used in your eating area.

Maintain equilibrium by choosing furniture that contrasts with the main color of the walls. This will bring the proper vibe and make your living space feel happy.

4. Discard a Few Things for an Enhanced Positive Energy

A property may have a negative energy flow when certain décor items are present. It's critical to remove these items from your living area. To create a Vastu-compliant home, you need to eliminate:

  • Appliances and other electronic devices that are broken or nonfunctional.
  • Negative depictions in paintings and portraits, like a sinking ship, a weeping infant, or a war zone.
  • Showpieces, mirrors, and frames that are cracked or shattered.

5. Fixtures in the Living Room

If you plan to display paintings or other fixtures on your walls, the northeast wall is the ideal location. Select pictures that are always positive rather than ones that show conflict, starvation, or other unfavorable themes that can incite negative energy in the space.

The optimal location for wall clocks in a room is to face north; avoid placing them above the door. Images of the gods may be placed in the room's northern corner. Cactus or bonsai should not be kept in the living room. Additionally, since artificial flowers draw negativity, they should be avoided.

6. Arrangement of Plants and Open Areas

Since the northeast corner of your living room attracts and magnifies good fortune, make sure it's always clear of clutter and spotless. Plant potted plants in the space, but make sure to give them frequent watering and maintenance.

7. Placement of TV in the Living Room

TV placement for vastu

The living room's southeast is where the TV should be positioned. When positioning a television, steer clear of the northeast and southwest orientations. When designing a Vastu-friendly living room, the placement of the objects and their orientation are key considerations.

Because it is at the front of the house and receives all of the energy from the outside, the living room is the most significant space in the house.

8. Maintain a Clean & Clutter-Free Space

One of the best ways to make your living room vastu compliant is to keep it clean and less cluttered. We often use a lot of hangings and painting in our living room but keeping it a little neat helps emanate a positive energy. 

So, keep your living room walls as de-cluttered as possible to make them aesthetic and attract positive vibes. 

Bottom Line

The living room is a crucial space that has changed over time in the home. This area enables individuals to gather and form bonds via jokes, quality time with family, and TV, or to greet visitors. 

Vaastu Shastra states that negative energy can be dispersed and positive energy can be increased by carefully planning the arrangement of the living room, main door, furniture, lighting, and colors. The most important adjustments to create a tranquil space can be made with the help of Vastu Shastra.

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