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Importance of Open Green Spaces for Flats In Guwahati


Importance of Open Green Spaces for Flats in Guwahati
With Properties and flats in Guwahati increasing by the day, we are running out of open and green spaces. Not only is the city getting cramped but it also is affecting the health of the dwellers in a way. Open green spaces, therefore, can elevate one’s mood and help them be close to mother nature living in a modern residential apartment. 
We all realise how beneficial it is for us to be close to nature. It affects our physical health as well as our mental health through stress relieving and mood lifting. Therefore, it should be a requirement for apartments in Guwahati to maintain enough open space. 

What Can Open Green Spaces Do for Flats in Guwahati?

Open green spaces are like small patches of heaven in these residential flats. To be able to escape into nature from the chaos of the city is invaluable. Let’s look at a few benefits of having a small piece of nature in our homes. 

Open Green Spaces

Green Zones Promote a Healthy Lifestyle 

People who live near green zones like parks and reserve forest areas tend to socialise more. Nature works like a dream in bringing people closer. People run into one another during a walk or run through the park. Thus, this boosts their social life. 
There is a massive number of people in Guwahati who go for a daily walks and prefer living near a natural place like a park. This makes real estate builders prioritise green space within the property for better prospects.  

Improves Air Quality and Reduces Heat

Green spaces can reduce air pollution and reduce the radiation of urban heat. They are great for shade during the day and a perfect play area for kids. 
They improve air quality by filtering out pollutants and particulates. This can help minimise energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions associated with building cooling. 

Reduces Electricity Consumption for Flats in Guwahati

The Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect is a phenomenon caused by human activity in which metropolitan areas suffer greater temperatures than rural areas. 
Green spaces in housing developments can help to lower UHI by providing shade and cooling through evapotranspiration. As a result, energy consumption for cooling in houses may be lowered, resulting in cheaper electricity costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. 

How to Increase Green Spaces in Cities Like Guwahati?

Given the typical scarcity of urban space, the largest difficulty today is determining how to reconvert urban property in order to provide the recommended 10-15 meters of green space for each inhabitant.
Cities must seek alternatives, although certain solutions may aid in the creation of natural layers of biodiversity. Aside from public green areas, interior spaces in our homes, as well as community rooftops and even walls and facades, can be transformed into vertical gardens.  

Creating Rooftop Gardens and Parks

Cities have one thing in common, lack of space. But that should not stop us from enjoying the gift of nature. Therefore, creating rooftop gardens and green patches can help us be close to nature even in a city.  

Developing Bike Trails Within Properties

Cycling is fun and healthy but, the effect is enhanced with a touch of nature. Therefore, properties should consider adding a cycling trail to their projects. This will attract better buyers and maintain their health as well.  

Pocket Parks

Pocket parks are little green spots that can be found in any metropolitan environment. They can offer a space to relax, socialise, and appreciate nature. 

Wind up

There is no amount of modern infrastructure that can replace a small green patch and its importance. An escape into nature is something we long for after a long chaotic day in the city. And flats in Guwahati can have that available for the residents. 
BB Construction endeavors to bring that to the residents. We understand the importance of a green space for you and so we attempt to add it to each and every one of our projects. 
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