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Top 5 Vastu Benefits of Marigold Flower for Your Home


vastu benefits of marigold flower

Vastu Shastra is an old Indian building science that gives advice on how to make places that are peaceful and healthy. A healthy and lucky environment for people to live in is created by the way things are placed and oriented to bring out good energies and lessen the effects of bad ones.

Marigold flowers have many Vastu benefits for the home, such as bringing in good energy, encouraging wealth, and making the atmosphere peaceful. It is thought that their presence keeps away bad things and makes the home's spiritual air stronger. In this piece, the top 5 vastu benefits of marigold flower are discussed, along with ideas for how to use them in home decor and rituals to improve health and happiness.

Top 5 Vastu Benefits of Marigold Flowers for Your Home

1. Ushering in Positive Energy and Peace

Ushering in Positive Energy and Peace

With their bright shades of sunshine yellow and hot orange, marigold flowers are more than just pretty things to put in your home. In many countries, these happy flowers are thought to bring in Satvik energy, which is thought to promote harmony and well-being.

People say that their bright appearance makes people feel better and creates a calm space that is great for relaxing after a long day. While scientists continue to study their energetic properties, marigolds may even help make your home cleaner and better.

Bright sunshine yellow and hot orange marigolds do more than just look nice in your home. In many countries, these happy flowers are thought to bring in good, Satvik energy that makes people happy and at peace. Their lively presence boosts spirits and makes the space calm, perfect for relaxing.

There isn't a lot of scientific research on how marigold flowers directly affect energy, but some studies show they may be able to clean the air. Because of their happy colors and possible ability to clean the air, they make your home feel warm and welcome.

2. Promoting Wealth and Prosperity

Promoting Wealth and Prosperity

In Hinduism, marigold flowers hold a special place, particularly when it comes to attracting good fortune. They are closely associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Their vibrant colors are believed to be symbolic of gold, further strengthening this connection.

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian system of architecture, emphasizes the strategic placement of marigold flowers for wealth enhancement. Adorning your home's entrance with marigold garlands (torans) is said to welcome Goddess Lakshmi and invite prosperity. Additionally, creating rangolis, intricate floor patterns, with marigold petals, particularly in the north or east directions as per Vastu guidelines, is believed to usher in good luck and financial abundance.

3. Strengthening Relationships and Harmony

Strengthening Relationships and Harmony

Marigold flowers, with their bright colors and lovely smell, make the house feel good by representing new beginnings and happiness. People often pray for the health and happiness of their families with these bright flowers. Using marigolds in religious ceremonies brings attention to their ability to promote peace and improve family ties. Marigold flowers are also calming, which can help reduce stress and make the surroundings more peaceful. Their bright colors and pleasant smells can make you feel better and make your home feel more loved and peaceful.

Marigold flowers are known for more than just their meanings and their calming effects. They can also clean the air. They can help get rid of harmful pollutants, making the area you live in healthier. This extra benefit not only improves physical health but also supports a good mood, which makes the home even more peaceful. By using marigold flowers in your daily life, whether as decorations, in traditions, or just by putting them around the house, you can make it a more caring place that makes relationships stronger and everyone happier. 

4. Protection from Negative Energies

Marigold flowers, with their bright orange and yellow colors, are believed to ward off negative energies according to Vastu, an ancient Indian design philosophy. These vibrant colors are thought to represent the sun's powerful energy, which can dispel darkness and negativity from the home. This makes marigolds a popular choice for enhancing positive vibes and protecting the household from negative influences.

Marigold flowers are also commonly used in puja rituals for spiritual cleansing and protection. During these ceremonies, the flowers are offered to deities to seek their blessings and purify the surroundings. This not only adds beauty to the sacred space but also helps create a spiritual shield around the home, promoting peace and security. Incorporating marigold flowers in your rituals and home decor can help maintain a protective and harmonious environment.

5. Overall Well-being and Spiritual Connection

Overall Well-being and Spiritual Connection

Marigold flowers are often associated with purity and auspiciousness, promoting a sense of spiritual connection within the home. Their vibrant colors and pleasant fragrances are believed to bring a divine presence, enhancing the spiritual ambiance and fostering a deeper sense of well-being.

Marigold flowers are also used in meditation practices for their calming and grounding effects. Placing these flowers in your meditation space can help create a serene environment, making it easier to focus and achieve a state of inner peace.

Keeping marigold plants at home provides a continuous source of positive energy. Their presence not only beautifies the surroundings but also contributes to an uplifting and harmonious atmosphere. By incorporating marigold flowers and plants into your home, you can enhance your overall well-being and strengthen your spiritual connection.

Using Marigold Flowers According to Vastu Principles 

Where to Place Marigold Flowers

According to Vastu principles, placing marigold flowers in the right spots can boost positive energy in your home. For the best effect, put marigold flowers at the entrance, preferably facing North or East. This helps attract good energy and wealth.

Place marigold flowers nearby to enhance your spiritual practices for special areas like your puja or meditation space. The calming and grounding properties of these flowers create a peaceful atmosphere that makes it easier to focus and pray.

You can also use marigold garlands, strings, or rangolis to decorate your home. Hang garlands around doorways or windows, and make rangolis in the North or East areas to follow Vastu guidelines. These decorations not only add beauty but also help maintain a harmonious and positive environment.

Fresh vs. Dried Marigold Flowers

Both fresh and dried marigold flowers have their own benefits according to Vastu. Fresh marigold flowers bring vibrant energy and positivity into your home. Their bright colors and lovely scent lift the mood and attract good vibes.

Dried marigold flowers offer a long-lasting presence. You can use them in potpourri for air purification or in puja rituals to keep a spiritual connection. Adding dried marigold flowers to your decor helps maintain a steady flow of positive energy, making your home feel harmonious and welcoming.

Considerations for Marigold Plants

Having marigold plants at home provides a steady source of positive energy, as per Vastu beliefs. Their bright blooms and pleasant scent create a positive atmosphere, promoting a sense of well-being.

For best results, plant marigold flowers in Vastu-recommended spots like North or East-facing balconies or gardens. These directions are thought to attract positive energy and prosperity to your home.

Basic care for marigold plants involves regular watering to keep the soil moist but not soggy. They thrive in well-drained soil and need plenty of sunlight to grow well. Removing faded flowers encourages continuous blooming. Plus, giving them a balanced fertilizer from time to time supports healthy growth and lots of blooms.

By placing and caring for marigold plants according to Vastu principles, you can enhance the positive energy and beauty of your home.


To sum up, marigold flowers bring many benefits according to Vastu principles. They attract positive energy, promote prosperity, and create a harmonious atmosphere at home.

By adding marigold flowers to your living space, whether fresh or dried, you can increase positivity and well-being. Consider placing them in recommended spots like North or East-facing areas for the best results.

Embrace the beauty and positivity of marigold flowers to enrich your home environment and enjoy the blessings they bring.

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