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10 Vastu Tips For Homes When Planning a Makeover


Vastu Tips for Homes
Vastu tips for homes are essential and hence many Indians place a high priority on purchasing residences that adhere to the principles of Vedic architecture and are Vastu-compliant. So they play a significant role in guiding individuals when designing their living spaces.

However, it is worth noting that only around 20 percent of urban realty projects currently meet home Vastu guidelines, indicating a noticeable disparity between demand and availability. In addition to focusing on residential buildings, the significance of implementing Vastu principles in office spaces is also gaining recognition. Thus, businesses acknowledge the potential benefits of aligning their work environments accordingly.

Vastu tips for homes:  find their application in various settings

Vastu principles enhance energy and flow within residential and commercial buildings, real estate, construction, and home exterior designs. The basic principles of Vastu for home are crucial for creating a harmonious and positive living environment in houses throughout India.

Additionally, Vastu tips for the kitchen, bedroom, and living room offer specific guidance on optimizing these areas within a home, ensuring they align with the principles of Vastu. Having a thorough understanding of the basic principles of Vastu for home is crucial for those aspiring to create a harmonious and positive living environment in houses throughout India.

1. Ideal Main Door Direction According to Vastu

Ensure that the main entrance of your home, following Vastu principles, is facing east or north to optimize the flow of prana—the vital life force energy. These directions are believed to invite positive energy, promoting health, wealth, and prosperity within your living space. It is advisable to avoid aligning three doors in a linear fashion, as this arrangement can deplete your residence of prana and disrupt the energy flow.

2. Divine Light: Illuminating the Vast of Your Home

In Vastu, good lighting is not merely an architectural necessity; it is considered an essential element. A well-designed home should have an abundance of natural light during the day and soothing, soft artificial lighting in the evening. It is advisable to avoid using harsh or overly bright lighting in bedrooms or living areas, reserving them instead for home offices, kitchens, and restrooms.

3. Sacred Groves: Embracing the Vastu Energy of Plants

In the realm of Vastu, plants hold immense significance as they bring positive energy into a home. Creating a windowsill garden, placing a few flower pots at the doorstep, and adorning your interiors with low-light plants can significantly enhance the energy within your living space. Certain plants with rounded leaves, such as money plants, rubber plants, and fiddle leaf figs, are believed to attract good luck and prosperity according to Vastu principles.

4. Vastu Tip For Kitchens

 Vastu Tip For Kitchens_1
According to Vastu, the kitchen holds great importance in a home. Experts recommend placing the kitchen in the southeast direction as it is considered the source of energy and nutrition. Additionally, they advise positioning the stove in the southeast direction and placing the sink in the northwest direction. Ensuring sufficient ventilation and natural light in the kitchen is essential.

5. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall: Vastu Rules for Harmonious Reflections

Even in a Vastu-compliant home, the placement of mirrors plays a crucial role in maintaining positive energy. Placing a mirror in the wrong direction can disrupt the harmony within a space and lead to various issues related to health, wealth, and relationships. It is advisable to avoid placing mirrors on the south or west wall of the bedroom, as this positioning may contribute to sleep disorders and mental health issues. To maintain balance and tranquility, it is recommended to keep mirrors, covered when they are not in use, regardless of their placement within the interiors.

6. Your Living Room Vastu

 Vastu Tip For Living Room_1
Vastu suggests that to alleviate feelings of anxiety or instability, heavier items such as furniture and appliances should be placed in the south and west directions. The south and west directions symbolize the element of earth, associated with stability, strength, and protection. Avoid keeping sharp or pointed objects in the south and south-west directions.

7. Sleep Sanctuaries- Vastu Guide For Bedroom

According to Vastu, the ideal place for a bedroom is in the southwest corner of the house. Therefore, the bed should be positioned along the south or east wall, with the head facing either the south or east direction.

8. Prayer Corners- Vastu Tip For Special Corners

The pooja room or meditation corner should be placed in the northeast or east direction, as per Vastu. It is advisable to avoid having toilets in these directions, as it may lead to health issues and financial instability.

9. Invigorate Your Space with an Aquarium

If you've been contemplating bringing a pet into your home, now is the opportune moment to do so. Consider acquiring fish and positioning an aquarium in the north or east area of your living room. By adhering to Vastu principles, you can cultivate positive energy and harmony. Water in a fish tank symbolizes life, and the movement of water through a pump signifies liveliness and positivity. Furthermore, observing the graceful movements of fish can have a calming effect on the mind. If a full-sized aquarium feels overwhelming, opt for a smaller fish tank or a beautifully crafted fish bowl, as they can also contribute to a balanced living environment.

10. Elevate Your Home's Energy: Embrace the Serenity of Bells and Vastu Principles In Houses Of India

Enrich your living space by hanging metal bells at your doorstep. According to Vastu principles, these bells have the potential to invite happiness and peace into your home. They dispel negativity and instill a sense of relaxation among the residents. The soothing music produced by the bells can unwind the mind and create a tranquil ambiance.

When Planning a Space Transformation Consider These Vastu Tips

1. Office Vastu

 Vastu Tip For Office Space_1
Transform your home office with Vastu principles for productivity and success. Position your desk, use inspiring colors, and ensure proper lighting and ventilation.

2. Residential Building

Construct or renovate with Vastu-compliant designs. Pay attention to the main entrance, room placement, colors, and materials for a harmonious living environment.

3. Commercial Building

Boost business success with Vastu guidelines. Optimize layout and design, consider key areas, use appropriate colors and lighting, and follow Vastu principles in furniture and decor selection.

4. Real Estate Construction

Collaborate with Vastu-aware professionals for appropriate, balanced properties. Focus on layout, ventilation, lighting, and amenities for high-quality construction.

5. Exterior Designs

Create a visually appealing and balanced exterior. Optimize the placement of windows, doors, colors, and landscaping for a harmonious connection with the interior.


Embrace the wisdom of Vastu and unlock the potential of your living spaces. By harmonizing your home or office with Vastu principles, you invite positive energy and abundance into your life. Whether it's a residential building, commercial space, or real estate project, Vastu tips hold the key to creating a balanced and prosperous environment. Step into a world where tradition meets modernity, and let Vastu guide you toward a harmonious and fulfilling life.

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