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10 Incredible Space Saving Furniture for Small Apartments


space saving furniture

If you have lived in a well-laid-out house, you would have a hard time if you have to shift to a city apartment because, believe it or not, it will be smaller. According to a 2023 report, the average size of apartments in the major cities of India was reported to be 1300 sq. ft. Therefore, if you are planning to shift to a small apartment, you must know about these space saving furniture pieces. 

Compact homes are becoming more and more popular among new homeowners and city people, and this is due to more than just affordability. People nowadays favor tiny homes for easy maintenance and simple living. As a result, many homeowners are looking for space saving furniture ideas and designs that are both practical and multi-functional.

Here are the 10 Space Saving Furniture for Small Apartments

1. Go with Stackable Chairs

Stackable Chairs

Chairs in our apartments take up a lot of space that we do not realize. Every other piece of furniture we have comes with a chair to pair with it; dining table, desk, study table, computer desk, not to mention we already have sofas and Barcaloungers. 

Therefore, going for stackable chairs helps save space on most days when we do not need them. We can stack them up on one another or stack them on the huge dining table we have that we do not always need. 

2. Space Saving Study Desk

Study Desk

To study or work, we need a secluded corner or a calm place where people do not really go. Therefore, instead of ignoring a small space or corner in your house, turn it into a study space with a desk that fits there.  

In some cases, you can even go for customized tables and desktops to fill the space that would otherwise have been a wasteful corner. 

3. Use a Storage Bed

storage bed

Why take up extra floor space with cumbersome storage cabinets when you can invest in a practical hydraulic bed for your space-saving furniture ideas? With this, you may store clothing, shoes, and even baggage for the season. 

Storage beds are also available with drawers or pull-outs, as well as open and lift-up units, making them an excellent space-saving bedroom furniture option. 

4. Get a Pull Out Sofa Bed

sofa cum bed

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn your compact sofa into a bed whenever you wanted? Well, now you can! 

A futon or sofa bed is a great option for saving space in your living room. Both of these space-saving furniture concepts provide multipurpose value to the area, as they may function as a bed or sitting depending on the situation. You may also use them in spare rooms or study areas to act as space-saving bedroom furniture.

5. Choose Tables with Built-in Storage

Tables with Built-in Storage

A table is a piece that occupies a lot of space but also has a lot of open space underneath it. Therefore, to save space in your small apartment, try out a storage bed. 

You can get modern furniture with built-in storage to save room, or you can keep things simple with an open-storage coffee table. 

6. Bunk Beds for Kids’ Room

Beds for Kids’ Room

If you have more than one kid, you struggle to save space in their room. They need separate beds and tables and also their stuff is lying here and there the whole time. 

Children also need more floor space to play, so it's better to use vertical furniture ideas to save space in their rooms. This is why bunk beds are great for kids' rooms. They can have their own separate bed space as well as enough space to play and learn. 

7. Multi-Purpose Shelves

Multi-Purpose Shelves 

Multipurpose shelves that are lined along walls in our living rooms, as well as bedrooms, can be perfect for small apartments. They are also majorly found in small studio apartments as they are amazing when it comes to storing things you need once in a while but not exactly daily. 

Wall shelves that go all the way around are a great example of furniture that can save space in small homes. You can store everyday things on these shelves or use them to show off your stuff.

8. Hidden Storage Benches

Hidden Storage Benches

Do you feel your corner is too small to fit any of your lying-around things? Well, get a hidden storage bench and you will make the most out of that corner.

There are many places online where you can buy these chairs, and they are also easy to find in person. You can store anything in the closet, from linens to magazines. 

9. Optimize Internal Wardrobe Storage 

Internal Wardrobe Storage 

If you have a small room with not much storage, choose a closet with loft space as one of your furniture ideas to save space. If possible, choose a design that divides the inside area into two halves. This will help you better organize your things. 

10. Maximize Kitchen Storage with Wall Mounted Units

Kitchen Storage with Wall Mounted Units

The kitchen is our storage for all food items and that is what we have more than any other possession. Therefore, we need to organize these items in a compact kitchen with wall-mounted storage units. 

You can choose furniture that saves space, like a tall unit that is made to make the most of store space in a kitchen. It can be used as a pantry to store things that don't need to be kept cold. 


Space saving in a small apartment is something we all struggle with. To be able to enjoy a good life in a limited-spaced city apartment takes some organization. Therefore, with the above-mentioned space-saving furniture ideas, you can organize your furniture better and save space for quality family time.

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