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How to determine the market value of your property?


market value of your property
It is essential to know the fair market value of the property you are buying or selling. This is to prevent being taken advantage of by a seller. You'll need to be aware of the property's true market value at that time if you want to make a profit from it.

Estimators can determine the true worth of a property by assessing its market value, also known as its guidance value. This aids in making a lucrative selection when it comes to buying and selling property.

Real estate market value is a crucial if you're looking to buy a new building. Your first offer should reflect the property's estimated market value. The current market value will tell you if you have built any equity in the property after making a series of purchases over time.

To sell a home, the first step is to determine the property's worth. Many factors go into determining the selling price. The most common one is a comparison of the the appreciation value to the original purchase price.

Most homeowners make the mistake of basing their asking price solely on their initial investment or the cost of renovations they have made to the property. What a buyer who is both able and willing to pay for a property would pay is its market value.

In this post, we'll quickly run through several approaches that can help arrive at an estimate of a property's market worth.

market value of your property


What is the market value of a property?

The market value of a home refers to the estimated price that a property would sell for in the current real estate market, assuming a willing buyer and a willing seller. This value is based on various factors, such as the location of the property, the condition of the home, the size and layout of the property, and recent sales prices of comparable properties in the area.

Market value can fluctuate over time based on changes in the real estate market. It can also changes to the property itself, such as renovations or changes to the surrounding neighborhood. Real estate agents can help determine the market value of a home through a thorough analysis of these factors.

The price at which a house would ordinarily sell is known as its market value.  A home's market value is determined by the following factors:

External elements

The external factors comprise the state of the property, its outward appearance or curb appeal, the availability of water and sewage infrastructure, the architectural design, and the pavement.

Internal elements

Internal factors such as the quality of construction, property size, number of rooms, furnishing status, and condition of home appliances directly influence the market value of a property.


Its location largely determines the market value of a property, considering various crucial factors such as the level of development, safety, and tranquility of the surrounding area, prominent landmarks, access to essential civic amenities, the transportation network, and picturesque views. These aspects are particularly critical when it comes to valuing residential properties.

Supply and demand

Demand and supply play an interdependent role in determining the fluctuations of property prices within a specific locality. Assess this by comparing the quantity of residences for sale to the number of possible purchasers in the region and the rate at which properties are selling.

Method of valuation


Belting Method

The process involves dividing a large urban property into three distinct belts, which are evaluated separately at varying rates. This is a widely used technique for determining the market value of large urban properties.  The belt nearest to the main road receives the highest valuation, while the second belt is valued at two-thirds the rate of the first belt, and the third belt is valued at half the rate of the first belt.

Land and building method

By utilizing this approach, one can distinguish the individual worth of the land and building. To establish the overall market value of the property, we combine the building assessments with the land's value.

To calculate the estimated expense, people consider many different factors.

Comparative Property Valuation Method

This approach evaluates the probable worth of a property by considering the values of comparable properties in the same area. However, it's important to note that despite being located in the same neighborhood and potentially sharing the same housing complex, the price of a property may differ based on factors such as its orientation, dimensions, interior design, and legal considerations. Nevertheless, this method can provide a rough estimate of the property's value.

Development Method

By using this method, one can evaluate the potential of a property such as a house or plot. The approach considers the possibility of growth in the surrounding area and any upcoming development plans to determine the increase in its market value. This aids in making informed decisions when buying or selling.

Guidance Value Method

The minimum value of different properties in various locations is set by the state government. It is essential to be aware of this value while buying or selling property to ensure a fair transaction. Any property registered below this set value is considered an illegal registration. The guidance value is updated periodically to align with the current market standards.

How do you calculate the estimated market value of property?

Land value in India is on the rise, particularly in urban regions where property market values are surging. However, there are also areas where land values have remained stagnant for years. Various factors, such as location, size, shape, level, and legal considerations, influence the fair market value of a property. To determine the appreciation of an existing property or the potential value of a new one, you can use methods. It includes the land and building method, comparative or belting approach the development method, and the guidance value method. 
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