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Here’s How to Sleep Better with the Help of these House Plants


house plants for apartments
Wondering how to sleep better but don’t know where to start? Here is a surprise for you. Did you know there are a few houseplants that actually help you get a good night’s sleep? Yes, it helps improve your sleep quality and helps enhance the decorum of your house. The best roommates are houseplants with all the benefits. They never eat your food, are always there to listen, and, best of all, help you improve sleep quality. 

House plants to sleep better 
What's interesting is that each plant has its own way of helping. Some plants are better at cleaning the air and making it easier to breathe at night because they give off a lot of oxygen and soak up the carbon dioxide we breathe out when we sleep. 

What are the Benefits of Good Sleep?

There are many advantages to improving your sleep quality. When you have a good night's sleep, you feel refreshed, have more energy, and have a better disposition the next day. All of these benefits begin with getting a good night's sleep. We compiled a list of the best plants for sleep to get you started. 

How to Sleep Better? Get These Sleeping Plants

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant to sleep better at night
Whether it is sunburn or acne or the scars acne leave behind, aloe vera is the best plant you can reach for. But apart from that, it is also terrific in helping you sleep better. The oxygen released by aloe vera at night helps to clean the air so that we can sleep more easily. In particular, this plant is effective at removing benzene and formaldehyde from the air.

Bamboo Palm

bamboo palm for good sleep
Bamboo palms are big trees that give a warm and clean feel to your entire bedroom that improve sleep quality. Toxins in the air, like benzene and trichloroethylene, can be cleaned up by these hands. Put these by the windows so they can get enough light to support their big leaves.


Chamomile plant
Teas, essential oils, and other products containing this herb help people unwind and relax. The use of chamomile prior to bedtime increases the likelihood of a restful night's sleep, according to research. You can enjoy the plant's calming scent all night long if you place it near your bed, possibly beside a live lavender plant. The flowers of your chamomile plant can also be used to create fresh tea and oils.

English Ivy

English Ivy plant to sleep better at night
English Ivy is the one of the best sleeping plants for you if you often get allergic reactions in your sleep. One study found that this plant cuts down on the amount of mold and feces in the air, while another found that the leaves help relieve asthma symptoms. This is a power player that cleans the air and should be in every bedroom.


Jasmine houseplant in a pot
The sweet smell of jasmine flowers is often used in fragrances and candles. This smell is great for making your room smell fresh and for helping you sleep well at night. 


Lavender houseplant for a good night's sleep
Lavender is a popular bedroom plant that is often used in essential oil diffusers and bottles tucked under pillows to make the room more relaxing and help people sleep soundly. This plant helps you calm down during the day and fall asleep quickly at night. The smell of lavender calms babies down, stops them from crying, and puts them to sleep. A study also found that the smell of lavender made moms feel less stressed.


houseplant to sleep better at night
This tropical flower gives you a lot of air, which helps you sleep. Orchids take in carbon dioxide during the day and give off oxygen in the evening, just like many of the other plants on this list. Keep these flowers on your desk so you can breathe easier at night and wake up to beautiful blooms.

Snake Plants

snake plants to sleep better at night
These plants for your bedroom make your room have more air and help you sleep better. Many studies, like the NASA clean air study, say that these plants do a great job of cleaning the air of formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene. Snake plants, which are also called viper's bowstring hemp, are tall plants that look great in empty spaces. 


valerian plant to use as a house plant
Valerians are flowers that smell nice and make your bedroom look elegant and healthy. A study shows that the smell of a valerian flower can help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep.  


Apart from the plants mentioned on the list, there are many others that make the best option for you too. Other tips for good sleep can include drinking warm milk, going to bed early which is the best sleep time; these can help you get a good sleep at night. Many people also like keeping pets in the house; take a look at the top dog breeds to keep in apartments. While keeping plants in our houses is beneficial all the same, these plants make it worth the space. So, choose your favorite today and enjoy the endless benefits.  
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