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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do? Key Roles and Duties


What Does a Real Estate Agent Do? Key Roles and Duties
Haven’t we always wondered what exactly a real estate agent does? There is no such thing as a typical day for a broker; nonetheless, there are a number of duties that are carried out on a regular basis by the majority of agents.
Agents in the real estate industry help people buy, sell, and rent homes, land, and other kinds of property. Since there is no national real estate license, agents must meet the licensing standards of their own state. 

Is a Real Estate Agent the Same as a Realtor?

Many people use the terms real estate agents and realtors interchangeably. But actually, the terms differ. 
Real estate consultants and realtors are not the same thing because they provide quite diverse duties in the real estate market; yet, their responsibilities may overlap at times.
A consultant, for example, typically advises customers on market building or investment operations. A realtor assists customers in the purchase or sale of real estate. As a result, both vocations often necessitate the acquisition of a real estate broker's license.

Types of Agents Found in Real Estate Businesses - infographic real estate

Types of Agents Found in Real Estate Businesses

Seller’s Agent

A seller's agent or listing agent is someone in the real estate business who works with homeowners to sell their properties. A seller typically hires a real estate agent to represent them when they want to list their house for sale.

Buyer’s Agent

A real estate agent who works with customers to purchase real estate properties may also be referred to as a buyer's agent or a selling agent. When looking to purchase a property, such as a new office building, buyers frequently turn to real estate brokers for assistance.

Dual Agents

Dual agents are real estate brokers or agents who represent both the seller and the buyer in a single transaction. For one particular deal, a dual agent performs all the aforementioned tasks associated with a real estate agent.

Duties of a Real Estate Agent

  • Getting leads for people who want to buy, sell, or rent a home.

  • Advising clients on the state of the market, prices, and debts.

  • Comparing properties to come up with a fair market price.

  • Putting together lists of properties for sale, with details like location, features, square size, etc.

  • showing homes to people who might want to buy or rent them.

  • Bringing bids to buy to sellers.

  • Bringing buyers and sellers together to talk about deals.

  • Checking purchase agreements to make sure the rules are met.

  • For each real estate transaction, they make contracts, purchase agreements, rental agreements, deeds, and other papers.

  • Keep the real estate license and information up-to-date.


When searching for a real estate agent, One must be well versed with the services they can offer. This will make sure you get the advantage of the deal you are making with the agent. While some agents are specified for certain duties, most of them carry out every duty mentioned above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to talk with the real estate agent about the commission rate?

If you decide to use an expert, like a real estate broker or agent, you should expect to pay him a portion of the money in exchange for his help. The buyers pay the commission when a sale or buy is finalized.

  • How long does selling or buying a house or property take?

Several variables affect the length of time required to purchase or sell real estate. The most important of these factors is the time of year in which you commence your property search or list it for sale. 

  • What are the services that a real estate agent can provide for me?

Free consultations, help in search for a real estate property for buying, legal services and closing contracts, finishing and home assets purchasing, etc. 

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