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What Do Fully Furnished Apartments Include? 5 Things You Must Know!


what do fully furnished apartments include?
Apartment hunters often run across the question: what do fully furnished apartments include? Well, it really is a struggle trying to put together an apartment that has everything you need. And living in an expensive city adds to that struggle. So, as an apartment hunter, you must know a few things about furnished apartments; what they include and exclude. It is crucial to help you make the right choices. You will know when to get the deal and when to keep looking for something further.  

Different Furnished Apartments Include Differently

Under the category of furnished apartments, there are three sub-categories; semi-furnished, furnished, and fully furnished. Tag along as we break them down for you. 

A. Semi Furnished Apartments

Semi furnished apartmentThis type of housing is a lot like bare-shell flats; it has only the most basic features, like lights and fans. There may or may not be a shelf or cabinet in every room of these flats.There may be a lot of different items in these flats that can be sold fully furnished. Because these apartments aren't fully furnished, you might not find as many conveniences as in fully furnished flats.
  • The flats are easy to decorate with furniture that can be bought and put in. 
  • You can also put in any tools you want.
  • The rent and security fee will be less than for apartments that come with furniture.
  • You can make these homes your own by putting things in them that you like.

B. Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartmentThe word can be hard to understand at times and also to understand what fully furnished apartments Include. There is no hard and fast rule that says an owner has to give their tenant a certain number of services. A lot of the time, this means that the apartment will have shelves and drawers, a modular kitchen, lights, and fans. You should talk to your owner about getting something more if you want it. You should feel lucky if he is willing to put in an air conditioner for the same price. 

C. Fully Furnished Apartments

Fully furnished apartmentsOn the other hand, a fully furnished flat might have all of these things, plus air conditioning and water heaters in the bathrooms. In addition, if the apartment is a serviced apartment, it will be run like a hotel with the help of a team of property managers. The rooms in a serviced apartment will have a lot of different comforts. For example, the kitchen will have a refrigerator and microwave oven, as well as other common tools and groceries. The rooms will also have bed linens and extra towels, and the apartment will have a phone line. 

What Do Fully Furnished Apartments Include?

1. Appliances

Not every furnished apartment is created equal and when it comes to appliances, there are all the different kinds. A fridge, stove, and dishwasher are just a few of the big appliances that most fully furnished flats will have. Some, though, might not cover smaller items like a coffee maker, microwave, or toaster. 

2. Furniture

There are some that only have the bare necessities, like a bed, sofa, and eating table. Other places have everything you need, right down to the towels and silverware. You should make sure to ask the owner or property manager what is included and write it down.
  • Bed, sofa, coffee table, eating table, and chairs for a studio or basic room.
  • Standard rooms have everything above, plus maybe a dresser, desk, and lamps.
  • Luxury means all of the above plus high-end tools, TVs, art, and even towels and sheets.

3. Condition

The condition of the house also matters very much. It is one of the most significant aspects of furnished apartments. The fact that the furniture is there doesn't mean it's brand new or in perfect shape. Before you sign the lease, make sure you carefully look over the items. Check for tears, rips, spots, and other major damage. It's not good to have to pay for fixes for damage that was there before. 

4. Decoration and Paint

Just because an apartment comes with the necessary appliances and furniture. Give the place a thorough once-over before signing the lease. Check for any damage, wear and tear, and make sure everything is in working order. Remember, you'll be responsible for any pre-existing issues unless they're documented with the landlord. 

5. Flexibility and Customisation

When it comes to aesthetics, several furnished flats have a "no-touch" policy that is extremely stringent. Someone else might be a little bit more adaptable. Ensure that the lease agreement is in line with your vision and be forthright about your ideas for personalization during the lease process. Keep in mind that this is your temporary home, therefore you should make sure that you are comfortable there! 


Now you know everything there is to know! It is not necessary for the process of navigating the world of furnished apartments to be a stop along the path that leads to chaos. By keeping these five factors in mind – defining "fully furnished," budgeting for convenience, understanding the possibilities of modification, planning for the length of the lease, and inspecting– you will be able to zoom in on the ideal temporary home that is tailored to your requirements and way of life. It is important to keep in mind that the key is to find the proper fit, so fasten your seatbelt, make sure you are clear on your priorities, and enjoy the journey! Have fun looking for an apartment!
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