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Unbelievable Home Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Space in Top Shape!

Home Maintenance Tips


Finding it challenging to manage your home investment and ownership responsibilities? We’ve got your back! Owning a home is a serious commitment, and home maintenance itself is an essential task. Your home is your most valuable investment, and its upkeep matters. To start, creating a home maintenance plan is key. This involves identifying different areas […]

Moving into a New Home with Your Pet? Keep These Tips in Mind.

Moving into a New Home with Your Pet? Keep These Tips in Mind - image of pet with owner in new house


Are you moving into a new house and feeling overwhelmed by the unpacking, moving, and emotional journey? Take a breath, and read on! Moving boxes and furniture might take days if you don’t hire a professional moving company. Moreover, When settling into your brand new space, there are a few essential things needed to make […]

10 Best Apartment-Friendly Dog Breeds in India

friendly dog breeds in India


Discovering friendly dog breeds in India that are well-suited for apartment living is not particularly challenging. However, it is surprising how many dog owners overlook this crucial aspect when selecting their family pet. Who wouldn’t cherish the warm welcome from their beloved furry friends after a long, exhausting day? Dogs unquestionably hold the title of […]

How to Invest in Rental Property: Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Rental Property: Real Estate Investing for Beginners


Are you contemplating the purchase of a lucrative rental property? If so, you likely have an optimistic vision for tenant-landlord relationships, property management, and the potential rewards of real estate investment. Nevertheless, it’s essential to acknowledge that buying property presents both advantages and challenges, similar to any other buying investment. But how do you transition […]

Understanding Real Estate Tax : Latest GST Rate on Flat Purchase 2023

Understanding Real Estate Tax-Latest GST Rate on Flat Purchase 2023


As a real estate agent in India, it’s important to understand the Goods and Services Tax (GST) implications for home buyers. When purchasing under-construction properties like flats, apartments, and bungalows, buyers are required to pay GST at a rate of 1% for affordable housing and 5% for non-affordable housing. This applies to properties that fall […]

10 Vastu Tips For Homes When Planning a Makeover

Vastu Tips for Homes


Vastu tips for homes are essential and hence many Indians place a high priority on purchasing residences that adhere to the principles of Vedic architecture and are Vastu-compliant. So they play a significant role in guiding individuals when designing their living spaces. However, it is worth noting that only around 20 percent of urban realty […]